6 Diamond Street

Planned completion: late next year
Budget: $600k
Location: Brisbane

Located in a older well-establish suburb south of Brisbane, this proposed two storey house is to replace an asbestos riddled post war timber house. The design brief was to create a cost effective lightweight timber house that took advantage to the spacious backyard and neighboring mountain views.

Due to the slope of the property it was favourable to place the living spaces upstairs to utilise the backyard, capture breezes and maximise the views; with the sleeping areas and workshop located on the ground floor.

A large simple formed roof provides excellent cover for outside living and allowing for additional budget to be used to create an exposed ‘tie rod truss’ which helps provide more volume and space to the external decks.

A secure external staircase provides a grand double height entrance space with feature wall; which also reduces the building floor area to save construction costs.